Lucky Little Brand Reps | T&Cs

Big thanks to all the Insta-Moms who have expressed such enthusiasm at working with my brand and sharing their little ones as Brand Reps.

The search is open to babies up to 4-5yr olds which is the max size my jammies and rompers are available in. Lucky Little is very new and only opened for business in August 2017 with a handful of products. I have so much goodness in the pipeline that I plan to launch from March with the help of some charming little people and their creative Moms.

By becoming a Lucky Little Brand Rep you agree to the few terms and conditions below:

Contract Period
The BR will be involved for a period of 3 months: March, April and May 2018. If we’re working well together and both parties would like to continue doing so, the below T&Cs will stand on a continuing basis.

What’s involved as a BR:

  • Genuine enthusiasm for Lucky Little gear
  • Photograph the outfits as LL only or mixed with other brands as needed.
  • Test products and give helpful advice on fitting, style and wearability.
  • Promote Lucky Little on your own social media accounts by posting some of your images taken at least twice a month. I don’t expect you to drive your social pals crazy by posting LL stuff constantly 🙂
  • You were chosen for your gorgeous child and skills and styling on IG. Please send me at least 6 images a month of any style (flatlay, chilling at home, out and about) that you are happy for me to use across my digital media platforms as fancied. These pictures don’t have to have been posted on your platforms. These pictures are likely to be used on a long term basis following the end of the 3mth working relationship.

What the BR gets in return

  • A monthly goodie bag of 1-2, maybe 3, items in your chosen sizes, for free.
  • 15% off the LL range should you wish to buy some other items.
  • You’ll be the first to get some of the new seasons and styles. Please keep these garments under wraps and don’t share any of your outfit photos publicly until the LL launch day. In these cases, I’ll let you know the aimed launch date of new items in your goodie bag so you have time to snap away.
  • I’ll tag you socially whenever I use your images and hope this will grow your own following across your feeds and platforms, should this be your goal.

End Contract
I reserve the right to cancel the contract between us at anytime, without question, if the images supplied aren’t of the quality ideal for LL’s intended uses or if the above terms and conditions are not being met.


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