threenager | black raglan tee


ROMPER SIZE 12-18mths | long sleeves 12-18mths | short sleeves 18-24mths | long sleeves 18-24mths | short sleeves 2-3yrs | long sleeves 2-3yrs | short sleeves 3-4yrs | long sleeves 3-4yrs | shirt sleeves 3-6mths | long sleeves 3-6mths | short sleeves 4-5yrs | long sleeves 4-5yrs | short sleeves 5-6yrs short sleeves 6-9mths | long sleeves 6-9mths | short sleeves 9-12mths | long sleeves 9-12mths | short sleeves
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Sewn in-house at Lucky Little HQ, these tees are made from the same uber-soft, Proudly SA locally milled fabric as Lucky Rompers. Soft, stretchy, comfy.

Leave the name of the birthday gal in your order notes at checkout.

Your choice of long or short sleeves.

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12-18mths | long sleeves, 12-18mths | short sleeves, 18-24mths | long sleeves, 18-24mths | short sleeves, 2-3yrs | long sleeves, 2-3yrs | short sleeves, 3-4yrs | long sleeves, 3-4yrs | shirt sleeves, 3-6mths | long sleeves, 3-6mths | short sleeves, 4-5yrs | long sleeves, 4-5yrs | short sleeves, 5-6yrs short sleeves, 6-9mths | long sleeves, 6-9mths | short sleeves, 9-12mths | long sleeves, 9-12mths | short sleeves