Celebrate childhood birthdays with a custom or personalised tee, made to order, for the big day.

Our tees

From vibrant rainbows to classic pastels, we offer an extensive color palette to bring your vision to life. Our high-quality, durable t-shirts are made up in a spectrum of colors, ensuring that your child’s birthday tee is as unique as they are.

Create a shirt that perfectly matches your child’s personality and party theme.

Comfortable and true to size, our basic, ringer and raglan tees can be made up in a rainbow of colours.

Made in-house using SA-milled cotton and cotton blends, Lucky tees are available in sizing from 3-6mths to 13-14yrs.

When you're little,
every birthday is a magical moment.

Let's chat prints


The stalwart of custom tee printing, heat transfer vinyl gives you a punchy, crisp print and is available in an array of solid colours, textures and special effects.


The higher the graphic quality, the sharper and more rad your final product will be, especially when it comes to direct-to-film (DTF) printing. DTF is an epic printing system providing durability, vibrant colors, intricate details, and a soft texture post print. 

If you’re in search of character prints, head over to pngegg.com—a handy resource for finding familiar faces to be incorporated into your artwork. Aim for images that are at least 700kb + in size.

Saving JPEGs from the internet does not yield optimal printing results.

Ready to order?

Craft a custom tee for your little one’s upcoming birthday by working your way through our garment and print options.

We’ll pop through your final artwork for review and confirmation before printing.

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